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What are Ten Ren Teas Like?  

  Ten Ren teas use the highest quality leaves in the world. They are grown under optimal
conditions, picked at the perfect moment and blended by experts.You'll find an amazing
variety of types available in our stores and on our web page (

What Tea-ware does Ten Ren Recommend?

   Ten Ren features the legendary Yi-Xing tea-ware whcih has been preferred by tea
connoisseurs since the Ming Dynasty in the 16th century.
  They appreciated the ware's remarkable ability to enhance the flavor of the beverage, and
the lustrous surface sheen which grows even more beautiful with use.

The King of Herbs

  In addition to tea, Ten Ren is famous for the highest quality ginseng--the medicinal root that
Chinese physicians call the King of Herbs.
  Mark and Ellen Lii personally select the best Wisconsin-grown ginseng for their stores. The
roots are then steam-cleaned and sol as either dried roots, powdered, or in tea bags.
  They prefer the Wisconsin roots which have all ginseng's health benefits, but, as a "cooling
herb," without the risk of high blood pressure inherent in other types.

What is the Chinese Tea Ceremony?

   At New York's Asia Society, Mrs. Ellen Lii conducts the traditional Chinese tea ceremony.
   Another reason why Mark Lii's enterprise became such a hit in Chinatown and with
celebrities was that his lovely wife, Ellen, would frequently demonstrate the traditional tea
  The ceremony is more like a French wine tasing than the familiar Japanese ritual of tea
tasting. Fine teas are poured out for the enjoyment of their aroma and taste, and snacks are
oftern served.
  A gregarious spirit is encouraged and people are free to chat and react, unlike the
Japanese tea ceremony which was derived from China in the Tang Dynasty. It has slowly
evolved and is now very formal and ritualized. And not as much fun.

Is Tea Good for Me?

   Yes, it is. When you enjoy the world's most popular beverage, you get health benefits with
every sip!
  Modern medical research has shown that tea lowers risk of lung, skin and stomach
cancers, and reduces cholesterol levels. The organic element catechin seems responsible for
these important benefits.
  Green tes is rich in catechins, though they are found in oolong and black teas also. In
addition, green tea has high levels of vitamin C, fluoride and important antibacterial

 What is Tea?
  All teas come from the camellia bush--an evergreen plant native to east Asia. The camellia
has showy rose like flowers and shiny dark-green leaves.
  Tea, by definition, is what results when these camellia/tea leaves are processed; there are
three basic processes:
Green tea: The leaves are pan-stirred while being fired or steamed. The leaves are then
rolled and dried. They are not fermented.
Oolong tea: The leaves are rolled and exposed to air to a limited period of time (called semi-
fermentation). This results in a green-brown leaf.
Black tea: This rolling and airing (called fermentation) is carried on longer, creating the
familiar dark-brown leaf.

Why are We On-line?
  We want to educate you about our products and sell them, of course. But there's
more...we want to give you a sample look, a visual tour of 75 Mott Street. We want you to
visit us.
  When you come to Chinatown and come through our doors, you'll be in a classically-
beautiful space, and a vibrant working-museum of Chinese culture at its highest.
  You'll admire our decor, sample our teas (Green, Oolong or Black), and have an experience
that combines shopping and esthetics. Ten Ren's store is unique in New York.
  And, when you come throughj our doors, you'll be greeted by a large wooden bas-relief of
Lu Yu--the first great connoisseur of tea, from well over a thousand years ago. He will
welcome you to the Ten Ren experience.
             And you will experience the words of the poet Lu Tung:
                 The first cup, moistens my throat;
                  the second cup, dispels loneliness and melancholy,
                  and the third cup heals my very belly
                  and I am ready to compose great literature.


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