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Ten Ren USA

What is Ten Ren USA?

   Ten Ren USA is the name of our on-line shopping service. We invite our customers--new
and old--to "log on" at our web address (
   Then, in the comfort of your home you'll learn more about our many teas--for the site is
designed to help you select the products that will bring you the very best in taste and
   Of course, we always welcome your visit to our beautiful flagship store at 75 Mott Street
in New York City. Indeed, we believe that every trip to Manhattan is enhanced by a visit to
Chinatown...and made very special by a visit to Ten Ren.
  When you visit Ten Ren you'll be in a "recognized landmark"--not only of classic teas, but
also of Chinatown and Chinese culture.
   You'll be in a store whose quality has gotten great reviews in The New York Times, Food
& Wine, international guidebooks and numerous television shows.

How Did We Get to New York?    

   The journey really began in Taiwan as Mark Lii grew up in his family's tea business. (Ten
Ren is the largest such firm on the island.) Then, over 20 years ago, he moved to Los
Angeles, where he worked in Ten Ren's first California store, and concurrently earned his
MBA at Claremont University.
   Then Mark and Ellen Lii moved to San Francisco, opened a second store, got it "going" and
cast their eyes on succeeding in New York--in the Big Apple.
   Their first New York store opened on Canal Street in December, 1984 and was a success
from the very beginning. This was largely because Ten Ren products already had a first-class
reputation in New York's Chinese community, especially among the Taiwanese.
   In addition, the store looked great! It stood out and attracted clientele because of the
elegance of its decor, and even its hand-carved front door.
   Two other customer-pleasing attracions were cups and ceramic-ware of almost museum
quality available at modest prices, and our strikingly beautiful packaging -- which
automatically made every Ten Ren purchase an elegant gift.

What Happened Next?

   The Canal Street store was so successful that we moved--to our larger, even more
elegant store at 75 Mott Street.
   As our reputation for the highest quality teas grew, the demand grew, and we opened a
second New York City store in Flushing, Queens, followed by a thrid on 8th Avenue in
   Our reputation as a "must see" stop for New York visitors also grew. It's easy to see why-
-for beyond our famous products and decor, there's a hand-picked staff to assist you.
   A warm and knowledgeable salesperson will first offer you a complimentary cup of tea,
then she will answer all your questions, thus helping you make the perfect selection for
yourself or as a gift.

Celebrities and the Media Come to 75 Mott Street

   Among the political dignitaries who have visited Ten Ren was George W. Bush, the
President of the United States. We've also hosted governors George Pataki and Mario Cuomo,
and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.
  We welcomed the famous actor Michael Douglas, Martin Yan, the chef/author/TV
personality, and An Lee, the director of Hidden Dragon. Crouching Tiger.
  The store's been featured in several television shows: Yu-Sai Kan produced her PBS
program "Looking East" from the store, and ABC and Fox TV have also filmed at the Mott
Street location.

A Special Occasion

  We are especially proud of our participation in Asia's Society's "Tea House" program in 1999.
We provided special teas packed in beautiful ceramic containers.
  The Tea House program featured the calligraphy of Dr. Leon Chang, a noted scholar, along
with music, dance and theatre performances.
  Our participation underscored the high place that the art of tea has in Chinese culture, and
that Ten Ren is not just another business, but is actively involved in preserving the great
cultural inheritance of China.


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