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When Did the Ten Ren Tea Company Begin?  

    Ten Ren, which means "Heavenly Love" in Chinese, was founded by Mr. Ray Ho Lee and
his associates in 1953.
Where Did the Company Begin?

    On the beautiful semitropical island of Taiwan. The land is so beautiful that when
Portugese sailors first glimpsed this lush, mountainous island in the 16th century, they named
it "Formosa" or "Lovely Island."
Why Taiwan?

Because Taiwan is famous for three important things:

  • Taiwan's mild climate is perfect for growing tea. Its highland tea terraces have rich soil, warm sunshine and cooling fogs and mists.

What Are the Three Policies that Guide Our Company?

  • Produce only the finest possible teas and tea products.
  • Present them in traditional Chinese style.
  • Use modern technology to research, process, package and ship our products.

How is Ten Ren Viewed in Taiwan Today?

    Ten Ren has won several awards from the government of Taiwan for the efficiency and hygiene of its manufacturing plants, and numerous government and private awards for its contributions to Chinese culture.
    We've gained much appreciation for our "Lu Yu Tea Art Center" -- where we teach an appreciation of tea and the beautiful tea-ware used in the traditional tea ceremony.
    We're especially happy when students and young people learn at the Lu Yu Center thus passing on our precious culture to the next generation.

Has Ten Ren Been Successful?

    Yes, definitely. It now operates over 74 stores in Taiwan--indeed, it's the largest tea company on this island of some 23 million tea-drinkers.
    And Ten Ren is international too, with nearly 61 stores in the US, Canada, Japan and Malaysia.
    In half a century, we've grown from a modest firm based on the green hillsides of Taiwan to an expanding international company.
    We are proud to set the standards for world-class China teas.


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